Nationality Law

Citizenship law is a branch of law in which the responsibilities and rights of citizens, depending on the laws and rules of the country, are expressed.

Legal Status of Aliens and Immigration Law

Foreigners law and immigration law are the branches of law that a state or country applies to foreigners coming to a country.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law is a field in which individuals from all walks of life find themselves in one way or another.

International Commercial and customs law

It is a set of rules that affects transactions and contracts in international trade activities and is made up of national and international regulations.

Contract Law

It is a branch of law that protects the rights of the intended transaction and offers for legal protection in the case of a potential breach of contract.

Merger Division and Acqusition

It assists several domestic and international companies with legal advice at all stages of merger, division, and acquisition, joint partnership, and partial separation projects.

Energy and Mining Law

Consultancy service on various issues for all kinds of energy investments in Electricity, Natural Gas, Petroleum and LPG markets.

Company Law

It is a branch of law that helps to regulate economic activities, deals with all legal issues in companies and companies and commercial activities in a legal sense.

Family And Divorce Law

The family is known as the smallest building unit of society and has a great role in the existence of society.

Business Law

Compensation receivables such as severance pay, notice indemnity, bad faith compensation, compensation for not starting work and overtime pay, work accident transactions.

Administrative law

Administrative law, simply put, is a branch of law that is positioned as a regulator in the relations between the state and private persons. It is necessary to act in accordance with the defining rules of the law in the relations of the state and sta

Executive and Bankruptcy Law

It is all of the activities that serve to fulfill the requests arising from the substantive law by the competent organs and power of the state.

Criminal law

It is the branch of law that regulates the illegal acts that are considered as crimes by the organs of the state and the sanctions to be applied to the crime, the punishment and the implementation of the punishment.

Tax Law

Tax is money that the state receives from citizens to cover public expenditures based on its sovereign power.

Competition Law

In the face of the size and complexity of economic and commercial life, it aims to maintain competition between companies and ensure fair competition conditions.

Personal Data Protection Law

It is a field that affects not only individuals but also companies. Many companies have personal data responsibilities under a registration obligation.

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