Individuals from all walks of life come into contact with real estate law in one way or another. It is critical to obtain professional counsel in a variety of conflicts that arise in the field of real estate law, as well as cases that are brought before a judicial authority.
 In the field of real estate law, acting without legal expertise in the face of circumstances brought before the courts will result in financial and moral damages for the parties. The most important reason for requiring expertise and experience is that it is a field in which current legal knowledge is required and where the highest quality service can be obtained depending on knowledge. In certain cases within the scope of real estate law, it is recommended to obtain legal consultancy from professionals.

What is Real Estate Law?

Real estate law is basically included in property law. It is a department that needs consultancy since it is a field beyond the framework of Civil Law and is closely connected to almost every segment of society. 
    The established legal rules about immovables such as houses, apartments, and flats are the key reason for real estate law regulation. The property right is the cornerstone of real estate law. The real estate field of law has operated for conflicts within the framework of property rights since the European Convention on Human Rights, which is also recognized in the Republic of Turkey's Constitution.

What Are Our Real Estate Law Services?

In the field of Real Estate Law, we provide a variety of services. Keleş Law and Consultancy Office is a law firm that adheres to the rule of law when meeting its clients' needs. 

Some of the real estate law consultancy services provided by professional and experienced staff are as follows; 

  • Deed annulment lawsuits and deed registration cases consultancy service and lawsuit preparation, litigation process follow-up,
  • Preparation of lawsuits filed in order to prevent intervention and seizure, process follow-up and representation of the parties,
  • Pre-purchase and case preparation for Shuf, representation of the parties, process follow-up,
  • Real estate sale and promise to sell contracts, 
  • Fictitious transaction of the deceased – representing the parties in cases of property abduction from heirs 
  • Actions for termination of the partnership – legal consultancy, advocacy service for termination of partnership and other similar property law cases.
  • Many issues within the scope of real estate law are covered by legal consultancy services, including group representation, litigation planning, and litigation follow-up in cases resulting from building contracts for flats or properties. 
  • Consultancy and process follow-up on foreigners' property acquisition
  • Providing legal support and real estate law advice for the development and cancellation of real property rights such as mortgages, usufructs, and other transactions,
  • Mortgage establishment procedures
  • Realization of mortgage release
  • Termination of rental contracts
  • Preparation of lease contracts and their management throughout their validity period
  • Unfair occupation (adequate pay) compensation lawsuits
  • Lawsuits arising from reconstruction peace and building registration certificate

Keleş Law and Consultancy Office provides consulting and attorneyship services to its clients not only in the field of real estate law, but also in a variety of other legal areas such as commercial and corporate law. 

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