It is a branch of law that helps to regulate economic activities, deals with all legal issues in companies and companies and commercial activities in a legal sense. The purpose of company law is to solve legal problems arising from commercial activities and to prevent loss of rights that may occur.
As Keleş Law and Consultancy Office, we provide legal consultancy services to individuals and companies who want to get support in this regard with the current legislation provisions. In the aforementioned area, we inform our foreign and local clients about alternative legal processes by making direct interventions in order to prevent loss of their rights.

The main services we have provided in this field are as follows; 

  • Providing the necessary consultancy services to local and foreign clients regarding company types and company establishment prior to the establishment of the company, 
  • To manage the establishment processes of companies by directing them, to realize the process of opening the tax office, 
  • Registration of companies in the registry,
  • Carrying out activities of companies such as merger, separation, division or restructuring with other companies, 
  • Preparation and submission of the company's articles of association and shareholder agreements,
  • Follow-up of all legal transactions of the company to be established or the already established company,
  • To provide consultancy services required for companies to enter into a joint venture, 
  • Providing consultancy services for the meetings and board decisions held within the companies, 
  • Basically, there are many different fields of activity such as fulfilling all the legal procedures of companies. 
  • Providing legal support during the concordat period,
  • Providing legal consultancy services in termination, bankruptcy and liquidation of companies,
  • To carry out all transactions regarding the legal follow-up and collection of company receivables,
  • Legal consultancy service regarding the Establishment of Branch and Liaison Office,
  • Preparation of Confidentiality Agreements,
  • Preparation of contract and clarification texts regarding Electronic Commerce,
  • Legal support in franchising/dealership transactions,
  • Restructuring,
  • Preparation of other contracts,
  • Asset Sales,
  • Private Equity Transactions and Investments.
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