All acts that serve to execute requests deriving from substantive law by authorized bodies and powers of the state are referred to as dept enforcement and bankruptcy law. If the debtor fails to pay the debt he is obligated to pay to the creditor party on time, enforcement is another means for the creditor to claim his rights and receivables through the state channel. In our office, we carry out execution procedures for the collection of receivables from a variety of companies.

Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law services offered by our office are as follows; 

  • Performing all enforcement and bankruptcy law proceedings necessary to collect our clients' rights and receivables from real and legal individuals, both domestic and foreign, 
  • Carrying out the necessary procedures for our foreign clients in the context of enforcement and bankruptcy in accordance with the rules under the
  • Constitutional Law of the Republic of Turkey, 
  • Actions for Annulment of Objection and Actions for Annulment of Objection
  • Evacuation of the Leased Real Estate Transactions
  • Taking a Precautionary Attachment Decision
  • Negative Declaratory Action and Action of Trover
  • Action of Replevin
  • Bankruptcy Case and Concordat Process
  • Collection of Bills of Exchange
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