Family is known as society's smallest building unit and plays a vital role in the existence of the society. The family exists in all areas of sociological development since it is the foundation of the human community. As a result, the regulation of family concerns is at the top of every country's agenda. The branch of law that governs family connections is known as family law. The term "family relationship" refers to a bond that begins at birth and lasts until death. Family law, including marriage, divorce, custody, and other issues, is a broad field that need expertise. We at Keleş Law and Consultancy Firm put a high priority on meticulous and extensive research.

Our main services in the field of family and divorce law are as follows; 

  • Consultancy to act in accordance with the system in uncontested divorce cases, 
  • Execution of divorce cases, 
  • Execution of paternity cases,
  • Submission of claims for material and non-pecuniary damages in contested divorce cases,
  • Execution of property liquidation after divorce, 
  • Creating legal solutions against custody and alimony provisions,
  • Resolution of disputes arising from adoption,
  • Providing consultancy services on the patrimony contracts between the parties to be married,
  • To take necessary legal action in cases such as domestic violence, 
  • Resolution of disputes arising from the termination of the promise and engagement process, 
  • Resolution of all disputes in Family Courts,
  • Keeping up to date of all legislation in the field of family law.
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