Legal status of aliens and immigration law are disciplines of law that apply to aliens entering a country. Aliens' law is generally based on the reciprocity principle, and the legal rules that apply to aliens in Turkey vary depending on the alien's country of citizenship.    

 In the last quarter of a century, very important studies have been carried out in the field of legal status of aliens in Turkey, which has become a country of immigration from its emigration country. More than 5 million foreigners live in Turkey, according to the most latest stats. Keleş law and consultancy firm mainly serves foreign nationals and is different from many law firms in this field.

Our office, which mostly serves aliens, resolves issues in a variety of areas by offering legal consultation and attorneyship services to aliens who have issues that connect with the legal laws of the Republic of Turkey, whether they are located in Turkey or not. 

Our law firm offers consulting services in a variety of languages. In this regard, in order to provide convenience to aliens and our clients, many applications such as e-mail and WhatsApp, which they can communicate with, are made in their own language. Having a variety of language alternatives when communicating with clients is a great advantage. By having a shared language, which is the most important aspect of communication, it is able to deliver full service.

Keleş Law and Consultancy Office provides services in 13 languages, including Pashto, Darian, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkoman, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, with its expert staff in English, Arabic and Persian languages.    

Language options we serve in the field of foreigners law; 

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Russian
  • German
  • Darian
  • Pashto
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Azerbaijani
  • Turkoman
  • Kyrgyz
  • Kazakh

Within Turkey's boundaries, legal consultation and advocacy services are provided to aliens in Turkey and abroad on matters relating to real estate, companies, energy, water, and natural resources, telecommunications, infrastructure projects, investment, banking, commercial law, and company law. In places where it is deemed necessary, the lawsuit process is started in order to protect the clients' rights and receivables. This procedure begins with research in Turkey in accordance with the demands and requests of aliens or multinational companies and continues until the desired investment is completed, and it covers a wide range of topics.   

Despite the fact that our head office are in Ankara, we serve aliens in a number of Turkish regions, including Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Edirne, and Hatay. Our law practice provides attorneyship and legal consulting services in a variety of nations, including Mexico, Germany, England, Greece, and Georgia.

 Our Services Provided Under Legal Status of Aliens

Legal status of alien is a broad field. Many legal consultancy services are available under the field of legal status of alien, which is based on foreigners' rights and responsibilities in Turkey.. 

Our main services regarding Foreigners Law are as follows; 

  • Providing legal services about international protection identity documents, determining the problems of aliens who have problems in this area, negotiating with the Immigration Management Directorates, submitting petitions and, if necessary, filing a lawsuit,
  • Providing legal services about temporary protection identity documents, determining the problems of aliens who have problems in this area, negotiating with the Immigration Management Directorates, submitting petitions and, where necessary, filing a lawsuit,
  • Obtaining work permits for foreigners who are planned to be employed in Turkey, applying for extension of work permit, follow-up and finalization, 
  • Making follow-up and finalization of family residence permit application to the spouse and children of foreign nationals who have work permit and residence permit in Turkey through the sponsor,
  • Application, follow-up and finalization of short-term residence permit or long-term residence permit, residence permit extension applications for foreigners who want to live in Turkey,
  • To apply for a tourist residence permit in Turkey for aliens who want to come to Turkey and to inform them,
  • Making humanitarian residence permit applications by evaluating the conformity of the conditions of aliens in Turkey, following up and filing a lawsuit if necessary, 
  • Student residence permit application, follow-up and finalization aliens and students who want to study in Turkey,
  • To apply to the relevant institutions of the students who want to study at universities and high schools in Turkey, to inform them about the exam places and exam time and to provide legal services and consultancy services on this,
  • Providing legal services regarding obtaining valuation reports for aliens who want to purchase immovable property in Turkey and informing about possible legal processes,
  • Application and follow-up of a victim of human trafficking residence permit for victims of human trafficking,
  • Providing legal consultancy services to aliens who are in Turkey and want to apply for marriage,
  • To open a divorce case for the termination of the marriage union of aliens, to prepare a contracted divorce protocol and to open, follow up and conclude a lawsuit for divorce agreement,
  • To collect the receivables of aliens who are not in Turkey from domestic and foreign persons in Turkey, to carry out enforcement proceedings, to open and conclude a lawsuit in case of objection,
  • To collect the receivables of aliens in Turkey from domestic and foreign persons in Turkey, to carry out enforcement proceedings, to open and conclude a lawsuit in case of objection, 
  • Objecting to court decisions made about aliens who are at the removal center, to file a lawsuit and to conclude it, 
  • To file and follow up a lawsuit for the cancellation of the deportation orders of aliens who have been given a deportation order
  • To file and follow up a lawsuit for the removal of the restriction codes issued by the immigration management directorates against aliens,
  • To make objections and to follow up a lawsuit against foreign nationals who have been given administrative detention decision,
  • Following and finalizing criminal cases regarding crimes committed by aliens in Turkey,
  • To apply if aliens want to go to the third country and to provide legal consultancy services,
  • Providing legal information, consultancy and guidance regarding Schengen applications to aliens who want to go to Schengen countries
  • Carrying out the necessary works and procedures for the collection of rights and receivables of foreign nationals working in Turkey arising from employment contracts, 
  • Making, following up and finalizing the application for exemption from the value added tax that aliens who are not resident in Turkey are obliged to pay for their real estate purchases in Turkey, within the scope of Article 13/i of the Value Added Tax Law No. 3065,
  • Application procedures to the European Court of Human Rights,
  • All court proceedings such as appeals and lawsuits against the decisions of the immigration and citizenship office,
  • To provide legal consultancy and advocacy services for aliens to purchase real estate in Turkey and to ensure that they make the most rational investment within legal limits,
  • Consultancy service within the framework of legal regulations on marriage of aliens in Turkey,
  • Annulment of deportation order,
  • Annulment of the ban on entry to Turkey,
  • You can apply to our Keleş Law and Consultancy office within the scope of Legal Status for Aliens for many different services such as opening a bank account in the country for aliens. 
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