Based on the sovereign power of the state, tax is the money that the state receives from individuals free of charge to meet public expenditures. Tax law, on the other hand, is a branch of law that includes all individuals and companies who are subject to taxation. Ankara tax lawyer is needed because tax law is a branch of law that is up to date. Tax consultancy services provided in the field of tax law enable individuals or companies to get maximum efficiency from their activities. 

    Our main fields of activity in this field are;

  • To provide detailed examination and reporting of the tax situations of real and legal persons and to resolve the disputes that ocur,
  • Litigation in legal disputes on tax law,
  • To carry out the necessary litigation and litigation proceedings for the cancellation of the irregularity penalties,
  • Tax disputes arising from special transactions such as intercompany transactions, resource transfers, transactions with shareholders.
  • Legal examination of tax plans
  • Filing a lawsuit for the cancellation of ex officio tax assesment and irregular penalties imposed by the relevant institutions and following the lawsuit process,
  • Application and follow-up for tax structuring processes before tax offices,
  • Providing technical and legal support in the written opinion process given to individuals by the competent authorities regarding tax disputes,
  • Providing the necessary technical and legal support in cases in tax courts and producing solutions for the benefit of the client,
  • Ensuring that the tax law penalties that occur are resolved by compromise,
  • Providing consultancy services in tax restructuring processes,
  • There are many different service options such as providing risk assessment services in the context of tax for transactions such as acquisition or division of companies with each other. 
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