Since our country is so rich in energy and natural resources, it is necessary to have knowledge of how these resources are utilized, as well as their obligations and legal dominance in the legislation. Keleş Law and Consultancy Office ensures services to many producers operating in the energy sector, natural gas and energy suppliers and marketers, pipeline companies, investors, public institutions and many other legal entities, financing, regulatory authority approval, power and energy projects, energy projects and transfer / merger / division of power generation plants, resolution of disputes with consumers and regulatory institutions during the generation phase, and management of these processes, legal regulations and judgment. Many legal requirements apply to subjects that fall under the energy and mining law. Bu alandaki birçok mevzuat Türkiye Cumhuriyeti kanunlarına dahil edilmiştir. Our main areas of attorneyship and legal consultancy are;

  • Preparation of contracts for the purchase of energy projects and companies,
  • Consultancy services on a variety of issues for all types of energy investments in the electricity, natural gas, petroleum, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industries,
  •  Evaluation of the projects' content in the light of the legislation,
  •  To work on project-legislative alignment,
  •  Project development, license and license provision,
  •  Applications for all types of licenses and changes relating to the energy market,
  •  Performing all kinds of transactions related to EMRA,
  •  Establishment of energy companies, 
  •  Preparation of due diligence reports on companies,
  •  Share transfer transactions,
  •  Emission reduction purchase agreement (ERPA),
  •  Preparation of concession contrats,
  •  Preparation of drilling and rehabilitation contracts,
  •  Production sharing agreements,
  •  Tax distribution agreements,
  •  Preparation of license agreements.
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