Administrative law, simply put, is a branch of law that is positioned as a regulator in the relations between the state and private persons. It is necessary to act in accordance with the defining rules of the law in the relations of the state and state institutions with private persons. The order and continuity of the society becomes possible with the full fulfillment of the legal rules. Administrative law has a wide range and there are many other branches of law such as zoning law, public procurement law and energy law. 

The services we provide in this field;

  •  Lawsuits against foreign nationals regarding the decisions made by the Directorate General of Immigration Management or related institutions,
  • Action for compensation regarding the responsibility of the administration,
  • Execution of administrative applications and objections,
  • Follow-up of the cases in the field of administrative law and dispute resolution in case of dispute,
  • Cases regarding the cancellation of unlawful administrative acts,
  • Objection to administrative fines and actions for annulment,
  • Resolution of disputes regarding zoning law and zoning cases,
  •  Resolution of disputes regarding procurement law and tender cases,
  •  Lawsuits related to expropriation,
  • Follow-up of expropriation decision annulment cases,
  •  Filing lawsuits arising from administrative contracts,
  •  Legal consultancy service in matters such as disputes and solutions regarding the Municipality Law,
  • To play an active role in solving the problems within the scope of customs legislation and also arising from other administrative penalties,
  •  Annulment cases and full remedy actions,
  • Lawsuits arising from administrative contracts,
  • Follow-up of the deportation decisions made by the administration against foreigners and the lawsuits filed for the abolition of the restraint codes,
  • Services such as the follow-up of many different lawsuits against various public institutions and the direction of the process are provided within the scope of administrative law. 


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