Keleş Law and Consultancy Firm covers multinational companies, venture capital companies, private equity companies and their funds, domestic and international small to medium sized companies and investment banks; provides legal support at every stage of merger, division and acquisition, joint venture and partial separation projects.

Transactions such as selling the shares of a company or partnership shares, buying them or merging more than one company or dividing a company are not just a simple transfer of shares, shares or assets. Our office provides various services to domestic and foreign investors regarding company acquisitions and mergers. Our office offers a variety of asset sales, share and moiety sales, reverse share transactions, pre-purchase right usage, promise to sell transactions and exercise of options, leveraged share purchase transactions, transactions regarding employee share options, angel and venture capital investments, strategic partnerships and joint ventures and so on. provides consultancy services in investment transactions. In addition, we provide services to our clients such as accepting capital investment, lending and bond transactions and providing financial support. All transactions that fall under the subject of mergers, divisions and acquisitions require a complex and challenging process. For this reason, it is necessary to get support from experts in the field.
Our services include:

  • All matters related to mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations,
  • Evaluation of the merger or acquisition within the framework of competition law and obtaining the necessary permissions from the Competition Authority,
  • Establishment of information room and pre/post acquisition legal review (including labor law and environmental law issues),
  • Negotiation and preparation of initial documents (agency contracts, confidentiality agreement, letter of intent, offer) and contractual documents (share purchase / sale agreements, seller's indemnification obligations, shareholder agreements),
  • Communication with government and stock exchange institutions and providing support to the client in these matters,
  • Preparation of financing agreements,
  • Preparation of merger agreements,
  • Joint Venture – Preparation of joint venture agreements,
  • Preparation of consortium contracts,
  • Preparation of share transfer agreements,
  • Preparation of share pledge agreements,
  • Preparation of voting contracts,
  • Preparation of controlling and shareholder contracts
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