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Keleş Law and Consultancy Office was established by Lawyer Kübra Keleş in Ankara, and with its expert lawyer staff in various fields of law, it provides lawyers and legal consultancy services to its local and foreign clients. It has been offering quick and practical solutions to the challenges and legal ties that mostly foreign citizens face in Turkey and other countries since its creation. At this point, it aims to provide the best guidance for both domestic and foreign clients to obtain and protect their rights by providing legal consultancy services as well as attorneyship service. 

Many law and consultancy offices, lawyers, companies, and professional organizations in Turkey and abroad have developed a solution partnership network with Keleş Law and Consultancy Office. As a result, it offers legal services in a variety of fields in a lot of nations apart from Turkey. 

Keleş Law and Consultancy Office provides services in 13 languages, including Pashto, Darian, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkmen, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, with its expert staff in English, Arabic and Persian languages. Within Turkey's borders, legal consultancy and advocacy services are offered to foreign and domestic clients on issues related to Real Estate, Company, Energy, Water and Natural Resources, Telecommunication, Infrastructure Projects, Investment, Banking, Commercial Law and Corporate Law. In areas where it is considered appropriate, the lawsuit process is started in order to protect the clients' rights and receivables. This process begins with research in Turkey in line with the demands and requests of foreign nationals or multinational companies, and continues until the required investment is completed. Although our center is in Ankara, services are provided to foreign nationals who want to invest in many provinces of Turkey such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Edirne and Hatay.

You can visit our "Fields of Work" page to see the main areas of expertise of our law firm or you can contact us via WhatsApp and e-mail.

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