What is the entry ban to Turkey? In which cases is there an entry ban to Turkey?

  • Foreigners who are considered objectionable to be in Turkey in terms of public order or public security or public health
  • About foreigners deported from Turkey
  • If foreign persons whose visa or residence permit has expired do not pay administrative fines when leaving the border crossings at their own request
  • Among the foreigners who are invited to leave the country, those who do not leave the country within the time allowed and/or do not pay the administrative fine,
  • Foreigners who have exceeded the legally recognized period for more than 3 months, for whom a deportation decision has been issued.
  • Foreigners who do not leave the country within the period given to them even though their residence permit has been refused or cancelled.
  • Foreigners who are accepted to the country on the condition that they apply for a residence permit within the legal period but do not apply for a residence permit because they use all days of the visa or visa exemption in accordance with the 90-day rule within 180 day.
  • Foreigners who do not pay the travel expenses covered by the General Directorate

Who takes the decision to ban entry to Turkey?

An entry ban decision is taken by the Directorate General of Migration Management or governorships.

How many years is the entry ban imposed?

The duration of the ban on entry to Turkey is five years at the most. However, in case of a serious threat to public order or public security, this period can be increased by the General Directorate of Migration Management for a maximum of ten years.

How many years at most ban on entry to Turkey be taken?

The entry ban period can not be more than fifteen years based on the same reason.

How can foreign nationals find out whether an entry ban decision has been taken against them?

When an application is made to enter Turkey, the foreign representatives of the Republic of Turkey or if they come to the border gates to enter the country, are informed by the competent authority whether there is an entry ban against them. If the entry ban exists, the decision to ban entry to Turkey is served on foreign nationals. Foreigners deported from Turkey are notified by the governorates in Turkey of the decision to ban entry. It is possible to cancel these decisions, and after the notification, the process can be followed by a lawyer who is an expert in the field to file a lawsuit in Turkish Courts

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