Which Situations Should I Get a Residence Permit?

  • If you need to stay in Turkey longer than the visa period granted for entry into Turkey
  • If you need to stay in Turkey longer than the visa exemption allows
  • If you need to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days

In these cases, it is obligatory for foreigners to obtain a residence permit. It should be noted that if a foreign national who has obtained a residence permit does not start using it within 6 months, it will lose its validity.

Who are the Foreigners Exempted from Residence Permit?

  • Those who come with a visa or visa exemption for up to 90 days, during the visa period or visa exemption,
  • Holders of a Stateless Person Identity Document
  • Diplomatic and consular officers in Turkey,
  • Family members of diplomatic and consular officers working in Turkey, as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • Those who work in representations of international organizations in Turkey and whose status is determined by agreements,
  • Those who are exempted from residence permit under agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party,
  • Persons who lost their Turkish citizenship by obtaining a leave of absence,
  • Holders of an International Protection Applicant Identity Document and an International Protection Status Holder

How many types of residence permit are there? Which residence permit should I apply for?

There are 6 types of residence permits. You can make the types of residence permits and which residence permit you will apply for by evaluating your current situation and considering the information given below.

  1. Short Term Residence Permit
  2. Long Term Residence Permit
  3. Family Residence Permit
  4. Student Residence Permit
  5. Humanitarian Residence Permit
  6. Victim of Human Trafficking Residence Permit

Where is the Residence Permit Application Made? How is a Residence Permit Application Made?

Foreigners submit their residence permit applications to the provincial governorship where they want to reside.

How is a Residence Permit Application Made?

Accompanying practice in residence permit applications has been abolished recently, and each foreigner's application and permit is issued separately. In addition, residence permit applications can be made by the foreigner in person or through the foreigner's legal representative or lawyer. However, if it is deemed necessary in this regard, it is also requested that the foreigner be present during the application.

Can Foreigners Abroad Apply for Residence Permit before Entry to Turkey?

Yes. Foreigners can apply for a residence permit. Foreigners who will apply for a residence permit are required to have a passport or a document that replaces a passport with a validity of 60 days longer than the residence permit period they request.

Is There a Time Condition for Application for Residence Permit?

Yes. There is a time requirement for applying for a residence permit. Residence permit applications that can be made to the governorships from within Turkey are made before the legal deadline for the application ends. These times are different for each country.

I did not know that there was a deadline for a residence permit application. Can I Apply?

The Republic of Turkey makes different agreements with each country. For this reason, first, the residence permit application period should be determined. Then, it should be checked whether the residence permit is within the application period. In the presence of conditions or by evaluating the situation, it should be decided whether or  not to apply. If the deadlines pass, and the situation of the foreigner is evaluated, other legal remedies may be tried, as well as entry and exit to Turkey may be required.

How Long Should the Residence Permit Extension Application Be Made?

Applications for extension must be made from sixty days before the expiry of the residence permit and in any case before the expiration of the residence permit.

Where is the Residence Permit Extension Application Made?

Extension applications should be made to the governorates.

My Residence Permit Request Was Denied What Should I Do? My Residence Permit Request Has Been Canceled What Should I Do? My Residence Permit Request Has Not Been Extended What Should I Do?

  • The refusal of a residence permit request made from within Turkey, the non-extension or cancellation of the residence permit, and the notification of these transactions are made by the governorates,
  • Refusal of the residence permit request, non-extension or cancellation of the permit shall be notified to the foreigner or his/her legal representative or lawyer,
  • Foreigners have some legal rights in case of rejection of the residence permit request, cancellation of the residence permit, and failure to extend the residence permit. He/She can make the litigation processes, applications, and objections regarding this matter himself or through his lawyer.

What Kind of Situation Does the Residence Permit of Foreigners with Deductions Take?

Except for compulsory public service, education, and health reasons, stays outside of Turkey exceeding a total of six months in a year or exceeding a total of one year in the last five years are considered as interruption in residence.

As we briefly mentioned above, some documents must be prepared and submitted in the legal procedures required for the short-term residence permit of foreigners. Information regarding these documents must be made correctly. For this reason, it is necessary to obtain information from lawyers who are experts in the field in the short-term residence permit procedures of foreigners. We provide services such as Ankara foreign short-term residence - residence permit lawyer, Istanbul Foreign short-term residence - residence permit lawyer, Antalya foreign short-term residence - residence permit lawyer and Izmir Foreign short-term residence - residence permit lawyer, which are frequently sought in this field.

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